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Rental Information/How It Works

Why Do All Of Our Rentals Have No Price?

There is an annual fee of 7.99 (increased by a dollar from 2016), which includes pickup and delivery service (as well as a complimentary rental). click here for our updated Privacy Policy (6/12/17). All rentals are paid for via a subscription membership, billed monthly to you credit card on file. Please note: If this is your first time ordering and you do not purchase a subscription, you will be billed for a package of 10. Pre-paid credits are transferable but non-refundable.

10 Rentals $39.99/mth 3.99 per rental
20 Rentals $69.99/mth 3.49 per rental
40 Rentals $119.99/mth 2.99 per rental
100 Rentals $249.99/mth 2.49 per rental

Your Queue and Your Cart

Ok - so we can see how this can be a little bit confusing. A queue and a cart? And on the same page? Huh?
Every movie and/or item can be added to your queue. It's just a list of titles that you either want or show an interest in. If the movie is in stock, a green arrow () will appear next to the title. If it's not in stock, there will be no arrow there and the Stock Info will tell you how long of a wait it will be. When you are ready to order, just click on the green arrow and you will see the title move up to your Cart. Add as many in stock titles as you are ready to rent to your cart, then click the 'Checkout' button which will take you to the final page to process your order. Your queue can hold hundreds of movies in it, so add lots of titles that you have an interest in, we suggest at least ten at all times. It cost nothing to add these movies to your queue, it only costs if you want to rent them (see top of page). Please call 212-860-4600 if you have any questions, problems, or thoughts with the checkout process. That's it!