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Schedule A Pickup

Schedule A Pickup
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This is a free service that we offer once a day to any of our customers who pay for rentals in advance. Please don't forget to select a time for your pickup when you will be home - unless you have a doorman or concierge in your building - Thank You

To schedule a pickup you must first be logged in. Then click on the Add To Order button on the left side of this page and continue to the checkout page. Once you have submitted the order, the pickup will be scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Please don't forget to schedule a time for the pickup. If there are any special instuctions that you need to tell us (ie: buzzer is broken, pickup tomorrow) please place any notes in the comments box. Thank You

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  • Author: chileen spaulding
    Great service!
    very good
  • Author: JOHNNY JOHNSON (s0upb0ne@msn.com)
    I drink your milkshake..I drink it up